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Why Choose the Slovenia Citizenship by Investment Programme?

  • Normally, applicants can apply for permanent residency after five years of continuous residence. After ten years, applicants can apply for citizenship. This can be expedited in certain cases.
  • Family members can also be included in the residence permit applications.
  • Slovenia is a member of the Schengen area and residents are free to move about the Schengen area, provided they do not settle in one country for more than three months.
  • Slovenia has a favorable tax system for business with low corporation tax and a high availability of skilled labor. Company registration is straightforward and fast: the average time is 5 days.
  • Slovenia has a high standard of living and a very low crime rate. Healthcare is inexpensive and high-quality.
  • Slovenia has excellent road infrastructure, two major international airports with links to cities all over Europe, and high-quality internet coverage.
First 5 years


Next 5 years

Continuous residency

After 10 years:

Apply for citizenship


To reside in Slovenia you must acquire a temporary residence permit. This allows foreigners to stay legally in the country for a prolonged period. An application must be sent to an embassy or consulate of Slovenia in the country which you desire to reside permanently. The final decision to issue a residence permit to a foreigner is given by the competent administrative unit in Slovenia.


  • Legal Residence in Slovenian Territory
  • Full social security – privileges, retirement benefits, unemployment compensation and maternity grants
  • Registration of a business in stable economic area
  • Visa-free travel throughout Europe
  • Doing business in the European market without restrictions
  • Private property security
  • Free health care services of high quality
  • Free kindergartens and school education for children
  • Carrying out secure bank operations
  • Possibility of obtaining an EU passport

Minimum Investmen

€7,500 paid up share capital

Physical residency

No requirement

Schengen member


Processing time

2-3 months

The Process of Obtaining Slovenian Residence Permit

Business Immigration


Registration of the company

The organization of business in Slovenia should begin with the definition of the organizational-legal form of the company. Foreigners can open an LLC, a subsidiary company and a branch (representative office). Legal residence in Slovenia for more than 1 year allows to register a private enterprise. Opening a business in Slovenian territory requires the introduction of a minimum legal capital of €7,500.



The application for residence permit

A single residence and work permit is provided for foreigners with the purposes of self-employment or work in the territory of Slovenia. The right to apply for a residence permit is given to an entrepreneur who provided a job to a European employee for a period of six months, proved the business profitability by monthly revenue of more than €10,000 or invested at least €50,000 euros in the company’s activities, e.g. purchase of equipment, car, real estate, office equipment.

Documents Requared & Processing Time


  • Valid passport
  • An application in the Slovenian language
  • Commercial health insurance
  • Certificate of non criminal record
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Confirmation of funding availability
  • Company’s statutory documents
  • Payment of administrative charges


Duration of the process of receiving a single residence and work permit in Slovenia depends on fulfillment of the requirements for active implementation of the company’s activity. Average term of the process is 3 months, the resident’s Card is issued after 2 weeks.


Receiving the residence permit

After successful submission of package of documents for residence permit, you receive a single residence and work permit. The initial validity of the Resident Card is 1 year with the possibility of further extension. Upon receiving of a residence permit, an entrepreneur is required to register a temporary residence address in Slovenia and set up a health insurance policy.

Resident Permit Extension


The application and documents for single permit extension are to be submitted 1 month before its expiry. The key requirement for foreign entrepreneurs in extending their residence permit is a regular payment of all tax dues and timely submission of reports to the tax service. After 1 year of residence in Slovenia, a residence permit is issued for a period of 2 years. A legal stay in Slovenian territory for 5 years allows you to obtain permanent residence, for 10 years – the citizenship of Slovenia.

Receiving Slovenian residence permit through business immigration is a convenient option for successful entrepreneurs as well as those who want to start their business in Europe. In order to support foreign businessmen, Slovenian government simplified the procedure of the company registration and provided a number of tax privileges for doing business.

Grounds to Recive a Slovenian residence Permit


Business registration and employment allow maintaining business activities in an economically developed country

Official marriage with Slovenian citizen
Family reunification – with children, parents, spouses
Carrying out scientific activities under an agreement with a foreign organization
Work under an employment contract
Carrying out official activities by diplomats, cultural, educational or scientific organizations representatives, delegation members
Long-term medical treatment in the territory of Slovenia
Special contribution to the development of the country
Receiving education in public or private educational institutions


Hiring a European employee

The employee must have compulsory social insurance and full employment for the past 6 months.

Receiving a monthly profit

The montly profit must be an  amount over €10,000 euros on an account in any Slovenian bank for 6 months before the application.


The financing over €50,000of the company’s fixed assets before applying for a residence permit.


Receiving a permit without the control of the labor market in Slovenia is possible only once for the director of the company. Other foreigners need confirmation from the labor exchange that there is no suitable candidate of Slovenia nationality for employment to Slovenian company.


Developments in legislation of the Republic of Slovenia in 2015 significantly simplified the immigration process by merging the procedure for obtaining a working license and residence permit by foreigners. A new law on the work and employment of non-residents of Slovenia allows for a single residence and work permit before entering the Slovenian territory

Granting of a single residence and work permit requires the consent of the Employment Service. In order to obtain a favorable decision, the entrepreneur needs to prove a significant level of activities of his company, by the fulfillment of one of the requirements of the immigration law. The application can be approved only when there are no overdue tax liabilities.

To obtain residence permit without labor market control it is necessary to register business in Slovenia, after which the founder will be able to be employed as a director in his own company.

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