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Eurolegal Associates Limited provides globally-minded investors with residence and citizenship programs throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Our experienced team has many years of practical experience working in the investment migration industry and is capable of finding you the ideal program, whatever your needs. We create futures for families by providing bespoke residency and citizenship by investment programs, enabling you to make your dreams come true in your chosen destination. As part of Yingke Global, our specialists also provide a range of other services such as advice regarding investment, asset management, and education programs.

Eurpean Passport in 3 Months

In addition to permanent residency, you and your family will gain full access to privileges afforded to EU citizens, including access to health care benefits, subsidized college education and scholarships, and property ownership in any Europe.

Visa-free entry to 180 countries

As an EU national, you will also be allowed to live, work, and study as a legal resident in all European countries.

Dual citizenship

Most countries in the European Union allow dual citizenship which means you do not have to leave your previous citizenship, and the ties you have to your birth country, behind. Place confidence in the fact that with an additional passport from the EU, you can enjoy the best of both worlds

European Passport!

 EUROLEGAL will help you fulfill your dreams by guaranteeing your European citizenship and a European passport.A European passport can change your life and that of your family and also for their generations to come.
Make the most important decision for your future today!

Investment Programs

A second passport is an asset that most people can only dream of. It can bring freedom, stability and immeasurable opportunities for those who have them.



Residence & Citizenship



Residence & Citizenship

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Residence & Citizenship



Residence & Citizenship

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