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Taxation in Slovenia


Rate of Interest

Value added tax Standard: 22%; Reduced: 9.5%
Corporate income tax 17%
Income tax Progressive tax rate 16%, 27%, 50%
Property tax 0.15%-1.25% (depends on the type and value of the property)
Social security contribution Employer’s contribution: 16.1%

Employee’s contribution: 22.1%

Property transfer tax 2%
Capital gains tax 0%-25%
Gift tax 5%-39% (excluding first degree relatives and gifts valued €5,000)
Vehicle taxation 0.5%-31% from the sale price of the vehicle (depending on ecological input)
Slovenia Income Taxes and Tax Laws

Income Tax Rates 2020

  • An individual’s income is taxable, as at 2020, at a progressive rate of 16% – 50%.
  • Business activity is taxed at 20%.
  • Passive income is taxed at 25%.
  • Corporate income tax rate in Slovenia is 19% 
  • Companies in special economic zones pay reduced tax.
  • Companies having income less than EUR 50,000/100,000 in previous year can deduct, under certain terms, expenses up to 80% of the annual income without documents.

Slovenia Individual Income Tax Rates 2017


Income (EUR) Tax Rates 2017
1 – 8,021 16%
8,022-18,960 27%
18,961-70,907 41%
70,908 and over 50%

Capital Gains in Slovenia

  • Capital gains of companies are added to regular income. When holding at least 8% of the shares sold, 50% of the capital gain is tax exempt subject to certain terms.
  • Gains subject to the EU merger directive are tax exempt.
  • Capital gain tax for individuals is 25%, depending on the holding period before selling, The tax rate is reduced by 10% for each year after the first five years 5 years and by 5% for the next five years.
    For holding period longer than 20 years the tax rate is 0%.

Slovenia: Overseas Income

  • An individual who is resident in Slovenia and a Slovenian company are liable for tax on their income outside Slovenia as well.
  • Qualification for residence for an individual: Permanent residence in Slovenia.

Reporting Dates and Payment in Slovenia


  • The tax year in Slovenia ends on December 31. It is compulsory to file a report and pay advances monthly or once every 3 months.
  • An individual is obligated to submit an annual report by March 31. Penalties are imposed in the case of a delay in submitting the annual report as well as a fine for each day’s delay in payment of the tax due.
  • An individual whose entire income is from a salary or whose income as a self-employed individual is less than the amount defined in law, is exempt from submitting an annual report.


Taxation for legal entities

The standard VAT rate in Slovenia is 19%. The reduced tariff of 9.5% is applied to certain services and goods according to a special act. VAT refund is provided for companies with annual turnover of more than €50,000 or applying to the tax authorities of Slovenia providing proofs of future profitable transactions with partners.

Income Tax

The tax rate in the Slovenian territory is 19% and is paid one time during the year. Insurance companies, investment and pnsion funds benefit from a special rate of 0% in case they follow certain conditions. Income tax in Slovenia is progressive with a minimum size of 16%. Preparation and submission of a balance sheet is carried out annually until the end of March.

Turnover of funds

There are no requirements for compulsory monthly or annual turnover of enterprise funds and the established amount of income in current Slovenian legislation “On the Employment of Foreigners” and “On Foriegn Citizens”. Company’s work should be carried out with full compliance of labor registration and the conditions of conducting business in Slovenia with regular payments of taxes and salaries.

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Acquire Slovenian Residency

Those who register a company in Slovenia with over EUR50,000 in capitalization, make EUR10,000 in monthly revenue, or provide full-time employment to European employees are entitled to European residency and a work permit.

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