Establishing a company in Slovenia

The procedure for registering an enterprise for foreigners and Slovenes is quite simple.

  • Limited liability company (LLC or doo)
  • Joint stock company (PLC or dd)

Setting up a company in Slovenia

Setting up a company in Slovenia is a simple process. The registration of the company in Slovenia is fast. Great for new opportunities for development of business in Europe.




Preparation of primary

Choosing the direction of business primarily depends on your preferences. Successful creation of the company in the territory of Slovenia is facilitated by the fulfillment of the requirements of the Slovenian legislation during registration. It is necessary to prepare a package of Slovenian documents for submission to the Single Window Service. Attorneys of our company will help with getting Slovenian certificate of criminal record and tax number, mandatory for entrepreneurs.

The establishment of business in Slovenia by a legal entity implies the creation of a new Slovenian enterprise or registration of a representative office of a foreign company. It is necessary to register a taxpayer identification number of Slovenia (TIN) for the company-founder. Registering a representative office in Slovenia is possible if the following documents are prepared:
  • Passport copies of the parent company owner with the data and the address of permanent residence
  • Original extract from the court or other official register about the registration of the parent company and an official translation of it into Slovenian
  • Unique name of the enterprise
  • Legal address with notarized permission of the owner for the use of it


Choosing and reservation
of a unique company name

Applications for registration of the company in the Slovenian registry are approved in the absence of similar or existing names. For using a non-unique name an enterprise can be removed from the registry, and the founder can be taken to administrative proceedings. In case of confirmation, the reservation term is 1 year.

A preliminary check of the chosen name in the commercial register is required for successful company registration. When choosing a company name, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The written permission of the Government to use the word “Slovenia”, national attributes (coat of arms, flag, abbreviations) and other state titles
  • No names and symbols of any countries or international organization
  • The written permission of close relatives or the Minister of Slovenia to use the names of historical well-known figures of state significance
  • No words and symbols contradicting the law and morality, containing known trademarks or already used signs


Registering the company
in Single Window Service in Slovenia

All founders and directors must personally be present at the registration of the enterprise in the Single Window Service in Slovenia. Our attorneys will help you with filling out and signing all necessary documents. Registration of the company will take no longer than 1 hour. A decision on the final establishment of Slovenian enterprise is made within a week.

During this time, our attorneys will fill in and provide the necessary documents to the tax service, the business register and the Institute of Health Insurance of Slovenia. After the appearance of data in the court register and your registration as the Slovenian state bodies, you will be able to carry out business activities and develop your business


Depositing charter capital
in bank account

One of the requirements of Slovenian legislation for entrepreneurs is the investment of €7,500 in the development of the company. It is necessary to open a temporary account in the state Slovenian bank to deposit charter capital. The lawyers of our company will choose a bank and assist you in opening a standing account and obtaining a Certificate of Deposit.

Successful registration of the Slovenian company will allow you to obtain a Single Residence and Work Permit in Slovenia

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